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Project Description

JQXB Expression Binder is a lightweigth javascript library (19 kbytes minified - 5 kbytes minified gzipped) for BI-directional data binding between javascript objects and HTML elements. Based upon jQuery, jQXB/M provides a natural and flexible way to process the data exchanged between client and server in a real WEB 2.0 paradigm. Using few custom attributes to decorate your HTML tags you can take complete control over the management of your business data directly inside yours web pages.

Server-side platform agnosticism of jQXB/M makes easy and immediate the integration with ASP.NET WEBForm web applications, ASP.NET mvc , ASP.NET Web Services , PHP, JSP or any web application able to exchange data in jSON format.

*Live demos available at jQXB homesite *

*New ASP.NET MVC3/ASP.NET WCF/ASP.NET WS/PHP Examples in Download section*

JQXB also contains a lite subsystem for messaging, making easy to build web application according with composite pattern and or model-view-viewmodel pattern.




- Provides a simple declarative binding with custom attributes directly in the HTML page.

- Use of HTML code block as a template for enumerable objects (i.e. lists or arrays).

- Allows to bind multiple HTML elements  to a single object's member.

- binding support for lists and combos.

- autorefresh binded controls connected to specific datasources.

- Provides an events system to trap changes in binded objects state or act when binding data to a template.

- Binds any HTML element attibute with data other than value.

- Based on jQuery.

- Uses jSON format for data exchange from and to the web application natively.

- Unobtrusive.

- Fluent syntax allowed.

- easy messaging system for composite pattern scenarios.

- Compatible with jQuery version prior to 1.6

- jQXB allows to define data transformation functions

*Next Releases*

- Item template layout substitution. More item template layouts will can be used in the same template container. Dynamic activation, replacing i.e: display,edit or detail mode.

- Dynamic Widgets orchestrator

- native template injection for hyerarchical data structures representation.

- data formal check directives support.

- special support for "style" attributes.

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